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Corporate Attorney / 
Professional Football Player

Michelle Dunham currently resides in Chicago, Illinois but is a native of Birmingham, Alabama.  

Michelle is a corporate attorney and a professional football player for the Women’s Football League Association (‘WFLA”).  As a seasoned attorney, Michelle has held several senior leadership roles, including Director of Legal Affairs and General Counsel, within publicly traded companies.  As a football player, Michelle serves as a skilled player holding down the position as a wide receiver for the Birmingham Bombshells.

As a child, Michelle excelled as an athlete; playing volleyball, basketball, and running track & field.  Five years ago she reclaimed her love for football and started preparing to play professionally.  Michelle's passion for the game of football shows every time she hits the field. Michelle has played women's contact football, co-ed flag football, and women's tackle football.  Michelle’s love for the practice of law and experience within the C-Suite has offered Michelle many opportunities to voice her opinion about inequalities and biases within corporate America.

Michelle’s drive to uphold women’s rights, her love for the law, and for football, have driven her to speak about her experiences growing up as a female in the South, with goals to serve her community as a counselor and professional athlete.

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